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We thank all of our planned giving donors for their generous support.

Monica Butler Mitchell, 1998

Beneath Monica Butler Mitchell's senior portrait in the 1998 Quid Nunc, is a thoughtful and revealing quote, I came here a child; I leave a woman. Monica believes that while children can sometimes be focused on themselves, it was at Roland Park Country School where she gained the maturity to see that the world is a much bigger place. She learned that there is value in making someone else's life better; a passion she holds dear. "It was because of my experiences and education at RPCS that I became the person I am today," Monica said. And, she attributes her approach to life, her commitment to community service and her empathetic nature to lessons learned at RPCS.

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Laurie McCulloch Fisher, 1963

Laurie McCulloch met and fell in love with Dave Fisher when she was just fifteen years old and a student at Roland Park Country School. Besides being with Dave, Laurie's fondest memories of her RPCS years were times spent on the athletic fields. "That was my space," Laurie said in a recent interview, "and I was happiest there. Surrounded by friends cheering us on, we could really feel the RPCS spirit." Laurie was a standout athlete at RPCS in field hockey, basketball and lacrosse for four years earning the White Blazer Award, the School's highest athletic honor. She was the captain of all three sports in her senior year. She was also awarded the trophy for Excellence in Hockey and another for Best Defensive Player in Hockey both in 1963. Laurie was always the most enthusiastic member of each team she played for and a true leader on and off the field or court. For her excellence and dedication, Laurie was inducted into the RPCS Athletic Hall of Fame in 2007.

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Elise Gettier Watkins, 1932

Born in Baltimore, MD on June 17, 1914, Elise Valerie Gettier attended Roland Park Country School and graduated in the Class of 1932. "E." as she was affectionately called by her classmates, was described in the 1932 Quid Nunc as a "brilliant student, a fine athlete, a skilled scene painter, an enthusiastic worker in any capacity and a peerless friend." E. was the goalie for the field hockey team in their undefeated season in the fall of 1931.

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Sally M. Emery, 1960

Entering Roland Park Country School in 1955 in the Third Main (7th Grade), Sally Emery quickly became an active and integral part of the community. In Upper School she was a member of the yearbook staff, wrote for the Red & White, played varsity basketball and lacrosse and was a singer in Glee Club. As a member of the Contemporary Club she debated current events with her peers. But she says it was her love of learning and the classical liberal arts education she received that impacted her greatly and beyond her years at RPCS.

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Caroline T. Fisher, 1938

Caroline T. Fisher attended Roland Park Country School for only two years, graduating in 1938. While a student, she was editor-in-chief of the Quid Nunc and was voted Wittiest in her Class. Caroline was described by her best friend and classmate Mary Elizabeth (Bettie) Harper Porth, 1938 as "a serious student who valued what the School had to offer academically and who took full advantage of it. She had a wonderful sense of humor and loved the outdoors. She particularly liked politics, history and the opera." Miss Faissler and Miss Castle were her favorite teachers.

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Ann T. Burroughs, 1940

Ann Taveau Burroughs entered Roland Park Country School in the Third Primary (Middle School) and made her mark on RPCS in many ways. She was a four-sport athlete who earned a White Blazer for her participation on the Varsity Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse and Tennis teams. She was voted Best Athlete in her class and captained the Field Hockey team in her senior year. In addition she was the notable business manager of the Red & White student newspaper and the Quid Nunc yearbook. Ann was a member of the Music Club for five years but she was best known by her classmates as being Most Practical and Most Obstinate! In describing a Model Senior in the Class of 1940, the Quid Nunc noted she would have the Forehead and Smile of Ann. Her theme song was A Little Bit Independent and it was noted she was "always found winning an argument." Outside of School, Ann was passionate about sailing and had her own boat at the age of sixteen.

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Marty Lidston and Jill Leukhardt, P 2011

Teachers are the Heart of the School

Marty Lidston and Jill Leukhardt, parents of Claire, 2011, recently honored the RPCS faculty by remembering RPCS in their wills with a $50,000 bequest. This generous and heartfelt planned gift was designated for faculty compensation.

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Sally Foley

My Legacy to RPCS

Helen Maud Foley, known to us fondly as Sally, entered RPCS in the First Grade. She had a well-deserved reputation for being mischievous, but as noted in the 1956 Quid Nunc, “Don’t let that twinkle fool you. It’s merely the delightful façade of wit which fronts a most intelligent, sympathetic and often serious nature.“ Sally was voted Most Witty, Moodiest and Most Uninhibited in her Class poll where it was also declared Sally had the Best Legs! She played Varsity hockey, basketball and was captain of the Varsity lacrosse team. Sally was a member of the Athletic Association and served as the Sports Editor of the Quid Nunc.

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Gladys Woolford Winter, 1941

Gladys Woolford was a lifer at Roland Park Country School entering in Kindergarten. She was known as the “class brain-child“ and had a knack for “always saying the right thing at the right time.“ She was a noted piano player, a valued member of the Glee Club and was named Most Emotional in her yearbook. After graduating from RPCS in 1941, Gladys earned a bachelor's degree in three years at Swarthmore College.

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