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Planned Giving

The Red & White Legacy

In 1996, the Roland Park Country School Board of Trustees established The Red & White Legacy to recognize those alumnae, trustees, parents, employees and friends of RPCS who have notified the School of its inclusion in their estate or financial plans. Their thoughtfulness, as well as their generosity, enable RPCS to better prepare for its future and to secure the long tradition of excellence in the academic, arts and athletic programs for which it is known. If you have also made plans that benefit the School, please let us know so that we can include you in this special group. Roland Park Country School extends its deepest appreciation to the members of The Red & White Legacy.

These donors have named RPCS as the ultimate beneficiary of a planned gift. Such gifts might include bequests and/or charitable income gifts, such as charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts, or gifts of life insurance.

Should you decide to include RPCS in your estate plans, we would appreciate your filling out our member profile form to let us know. We would like to thank and recognize you now for your generosity by including you in The Red & White Legacy. Additionally, your gift might inspire others to do the same.

As a member of The Red & White Legacy, you will be acknowledged annually in the School’s published Report of Total Voluntary Support and will receive invitations to special events. The most important benefit you will receive, however, is the satisfaction derived from believing in the RPCS mission and ensuring the long-term stability of the School.

Red & White Legacy Members - Alumnae
Anonymous (3)
Eleanor P. Graham, 1916 *
Helen Metcalfe Duncan, 1921 *
Elizabeth Protzman Webb, 1921 F *
Carolyn Griswold Butler, 1926 *
Sarah Hiken Kribben, 1929 *
Muriel Roberts Seger, 1931 *
Elizabeth Edgar Swope, 1931 *
Elise Gettier Watkins, 1932 F *
Helen Knox Miller, 1933 F *
Ernestine Hoen Gardner, 1934 F *
Isabel Wilson Scriven, 1935 F *
Anne Bradley Hancock, 1936 F *
Jane Obrecht Emich, 1937 *
Caroline T. Fisher, 1938 *
Flora Murray Wallace, 1939 *
Ann T. Burroughs, 1940 F *
Mary Jo Thomas Campbell, 1941
Gladys Woolford Winter, 1941 F *
Ann Cleveland Robertson, 1943 *
Suzanne Ruth Sherwood, 1943 F *
Mary Wilhelm Barton, 1945 F
Catharine Foster Black, 1945
Marion Marshall Hooper, 1945
Martha Lewis Kingsford, 1945
Jean Eisenbrandt Sener, 1945*
Katherine Van Sant Spalding, 1945 *
Susan Wagner, 1945 *
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Waxter III *
(Judy Baldwin Waxter, 1945)
Helen Toulson Johnston, 1946 F *
Jane Thomas Acton, 1947
Patricia Goldsborough, 1947 *
Mr. and Mrs. C. Tilghman Levering *
(Rebecca Cromwell Levering, 1947 *)
Mr. Braxton D. Mitchell (husband of
Elizabeth Byrd Mitchell, 1947 *)
Ann Howell Veghte, 1947
Nancy Curtis Blaine, 1948 F
Sara Long Buck, 1948 *
Margaret Crawford Demeré, 1948 *
Margaret O. Herman, 1948
Myra Anne Masson, 1948 *
Ann Wittich Warfield, 1948
Susan Passano Macfarlane, 1950 F
Elizabeth Wise, 1950 F *
Mary Jane Helms Blaustein, 1951
Shirley C. Grimes, 1951
Birch A. Kailer * (husband of
Anne Jones Kailer, 1951 *)
Martha Orrick Milot, 1951
A.T. Gundry, 1952
Elizabeth Lechthaler, 1952
Irene Lechthaler, 1952 *
Rosemary Gatch Donnell, 1953
Jean Lenox West, 1953 *
Margo McElvain McClellan, 1954
Anne Turner Pope, 1954
Margaret Sutton Taylor, 1954 F
Mary Louisa Primrose Hoffman, 1955
Anne Grimes Imboden, 1955
Margaret Thomsen Moler, 1955 *
Susan Howard Paules, 1955 *
Louise White, 1955
Sally Foley, 1956
Connie Reed Goldsmith, 1956
Elizabeth Porter, 1956
Betty Ann Schmick Howard, 1957
Nancy Norris-Kniffin, 1957
Ann Talbot Boyer, 1958
Courtney Jones McKeldin, 1958
Margaret Frizzell Powell, 1958
Caroline Savage Wanstall, 1959
Red & White Legacy Members - Honorary Alumnae
Dr. Rhoda M. Dorsey, HA F *
Miss Anne Healy, HA F *
Miss Eleanor E. Megraw, HA
Elizabeth R. Murphy, HA
Mrs. Herbert R. Preston, F *
(Elizabeth O. Preston, HA)
Mary Ellen Thomsen, HA F
Red & White Legacy Members - Trustees, Parents, Friends and Employees
Anonymous (1)
Mr. Carlyle Barton, Jr. F *
Thomas S. Bowyer, Jr. *
Mr. and Mrs. Austin H. George
Myra Goldgeie
Wayne Golliday
Yvonne Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Ihle, Jr.
Misses Julia P. and Margaret P. Ingle *
Julie S. and Jai S. Lee
Gordon Lenci
Ruth and Jay Lenrow
Jill Leukhardt and Martin Lidston
Spence Lieske
Ingrid Elisabeth Obrecht
Sandra Liotta and Carl Osterman
Linda W. McCleary
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Miller *
Lily Milne *
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Morris F
Nancy T. Mugele
Helen M. Passano
and E. Magruder Passano, Jr.
Susan Frick Payne
  • F Founding Member
  • LT Lifetime Trustee
  • * Deceased

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